Terms & Conditions

Customers may submit:

Technical issues to:  [email protected]

Customer service/upgrades/billing concerns to:  [email protected]

Jigsawbox Signin issues to: [email protected]



Due to the digital format of our products, refunds will not be accepted for any reason for these products.  For Subscription Members: You may cancel your subscription at any time with a 30 day notice. (IE Once you cancel your subscription you will be charged for that months module still and future modules/charges will be stopped.  You will retain lifetime access to any modules you have paid for and received within Jigsawbox so long as you do not close your Jigsawbox account..


Subscription packages will receive unlimited life time access to all products that have been paid for and received within Jigsawbox so long as you do not close your Jigsawbox account.


Your course payment will be automatically withdrawn from your chosen payment method at the time of purchase.  Due to the digital format of this series, no refunds or cancellations will be made after purchase.