Insights Discovery

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Programme Description

The Insights® Discovery Personal Profile is a personal development tool that provides transformational insight which Zestfor then uses to tailor pragmatic strategies that will help improve personal and team effectiveness.

  • How can you help individuals understand themselves better?
  • How can you build confidence in your people?
  • Imagine if you could find an engaging and practical way to help individuals develop themselves.
  • What if you could transform the way you do business?

Everyone’s workstyles and behaviours are different and understanding yourself and others and how to interact, adapt and connect among these differences can be the single most important aspect of developing yourself, your team and your organisation. The Insights®  Discovery System is based on the most effective psychological research of our times – in particular, the work of Dr. Carl Jung.

At Zestfor we use the Insights®  Discovery Personal Profile, the Team Effectiveness Diagnostic or the Insights®  Discovery 360 Report to provide clients with valuable information and strategies that help them improve their personal and team effectiveness.


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