How to Influence Senior Decision Makers When You Have No Power

Being able to influence the people around us is essential if we want to influence change. Most roles require us to influence and persuade people who have more power, status and authority than us. This can often seem like a difficult task. How can we persuade others who are often more senior to say yes… [...]

How to Influence Senior Decision Makers When You Have No Power2019-06-24T10:55:02+00:00

Are You (Being) A Great Manager?

There’s been talk in leadership circles for some time about conquering the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’, but there’s a third vital component related to what it takes to be a truly great manager, which is often forgotten and that is the subject of being. Let’s explore this more by reviewing the knowing, doing and [...]

Are You (Being) A Great Manager?2018-04-01T22:03:23+00:00

Why Receiving Criticism Is a Gift

Many of us live in fear of being criticised, particularly at work. We all know it can be difficult to separate the personal from the professional, and the failure to recognise this crucial difference often leads to our defence mechanisms firing on all cylinders when we perceive we’re being ‘attacked’ about the way we do [...]

Why Receiving Criticism Is a Gift2018-04-01T22:03:28+00:00