Gender Inequality – Are You Treating Your Team Members Differently?

Despite all talk of equality in the 21st century, you don’t have to cast around very far to see gender bias still at work across many companies.   A recent Forbes article stated that our unconscious biases are significantly holding women back - Harvard’s global online research study of over 200,000 participants showed that 76% of people are gender-biased, believing men are better suited for careers and women are better [...]

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How to Make Your Webcam Presentations Work with WOW!

It’s a digital age that we’re living in.   And for leaders, that means embracing technology when running webinars or online training for virtual teams. You may already have experienced FaceTime or Skype on your tablet – this is just the next step!   Many participants I speak to in my training sessions find it challenging to use webcams for presenting in virtual classrooms. It’s not just the technology of setting it up; they say they find it difficult to engage, look natural and remember what [...]

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The 6 Reasons Why Your Team Is Failing

Your team is crucial to the success of your business. Managed well, a team can accomplish much more than an individual – working together and using each other’s skills and abilities to unleash creativity, embrace innovation and build a pathway to success.  But what happens if your team is underperforming? What are the warning signs, and how do you deal with problems that arise?  In this article, [...]

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How Bad Managers Can Ruin A Teams Motivation

In any business over a period of time, motivation levels within the team wax and wane. However, you need the business working at its optimum consistently, and can’t afford to have team members taking their foot off the accelerator, becoming a dead weight, or even worse- becoming toxic. As a leader, you need to realise [...]

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Let’s Talk About Trust: Part Two

In a previous post, I looked at the issue of trust in the workplace, why it matters, why it’s difficult to achieve and why we need it now more than ever. In this blog, I’ll look at four important considerations when trying to develop trust within a team. Of course, these aren’t snap solutions. Trust [...]

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Let’s Talk About Trust: Part One

In the modern world, many people struggle to trust. There are some good reasons for this. Our economies are weak, much of our world is in turmoil and the mass media keeps reminding us of the threats that could be just around the corner.   But while it’s understandable, I think the inability to trust [...]

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