Motivational Maps

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Programme Description

The Motivational Maps® programme is designed to increase self-awareness in the individual to drive their success. By completing the Motivational Maps® online diagnostic, you will receive a 15-page report detailing what motivates you and how motivated you are. The report is extremely revealing and a practical tool to support your personal development.

“Understanding your motivations enables a deeper level of self-awareness, engagement and commitment” – Julia Carter

Discover your true motivators to unlock the key to greater motivation and high performance.


This insightful programme explores your motivations, how they relate to each other and how motivated you currently are in your role. With this new knowledge, you will agree on actions so that every day at work you are truly motivated and energised to perform at your best.

The Motivational Maps® programme will enable you to:

  • Understand your own motivators and those of the people you work with
  • Know what drives you and what may be holding you back
  • Play to your individual strengths
  • Better understand where and why tensions may exist within your teams and how to resolve these tensions
  • Boost your self-esteem and increase your capability to perform at a higher level


This engaging half-day training session can be delivered via a live-streamed webinar or onsite in your office.

Register your interest and we’ll arrange some time to discuss how our Motivational Maps® programme can boost your motivation.