Insights Discovery Team Development

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Programme Description

With Insights® Discovery Team Development you can accelerate your team’s high performance whether your team is co-located or virtual.

Based on the psychology of Carl Jung, Insights® Discovery starts with a simple and memorable four colour model to help your team understand:

  • their style
  • their strengths and
  • the value they each bring the team

To lead in a rapidly changing world, organisations are reinventing themselves to form around an agile and dynamic network of teams. That’s why building effective teams is a priority for every organisation.

Our Team Development programmes are essential for:

  • Newly formed or recently merged teams
  • Teams who lack direction, purpose or vision
  • Effective teams who want to become high performing
  • Teams where interpersonal issues are a barrier to effectiveness

Highly cohesive teams are seriously committed, work harder, are more satisfied by their work, and experience less intra-team conflict. Those are just a few reasons why great teams are fundamental to successful organisations.

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