Impactful Influencing

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Programme Description

Designed for technical experts who do not have formal managerial responsibility but who have roles that require impactful influencing and leading others from multi-disciplinary teams. They have to influence without authority, work laterally and strategically. It is important that these employees can exhibit confidence and credibility and be effective representatives of their teams to ensure impactful and productive outcomes.


This programme will enable your team to:

  • Know the 7 Traits of influential people and how to apply them
  • Have explored the mind set required to be influential
  • Be able to explain the importance of credibility & the ability to inspire when seeking to influence others
  • Have identified the behaviours required to generate trust and how to apply this within your network
  • Know how to develop your ability to empathise through questioning and listening
  • Have explored the importance of a strong communication capability through verbal, non-verbal and written impact
  • Have considered your personal network and created a plan to apply impactful influence to your current relationships

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