Programme Description

Managers along with their teams will improve vital communication, collaboration and influencing skills over a 6 month period, with a face-to-face kick off day, and 5 x 2 hour live virtual sessions – developing all participants into high performing virtual team members.


This programme will enable your team to:

  • Communicate and connect effectively with each other leading to a deeper level of trust
  • Gain a deeper appreciation of each other’s strengths so that a mutual respect exists between each other and team targets are reached more efficiently
  • Understand the team’s purpose and shared goals and how each team member contributes their part to this
  • Formalise patterns of effective communication which will work to achieve results
  • Appreciate the behaviours required to operate as a high performing team in a virtual environment including effective and faster decision making
  • Create a deeper level of understanding and buy-in so that the team is fully aligned and committed to the team goals

This programme can be shaped to meet your specific requirements and those of your virtual team. Register your interest and we’ll arrange some time to discuss how we can support you to evolve your high performing virtual team.