Why It’s Time To Develop Your Personal Power

Personal power? Some people might think it’s a phrase that went out of fashion years ago. Maybe, though in today’s disruptive business landscape we need it more than ever; let me explain. 

This is part one of a two-part series where we explain why tapping into your personal power is essential to your success. Next time, we will explore how to uncover your own well of power and take it to the next level. 

First, though let’s explore why developing our personal power is so essential today. 


Changes in Our Work Environment 



Today there are constant changes in our work environment, let alone what is happing on social media and the way we connect with people personally. Add to this ‘trying’ to make sense of our turbulent political landscape here in the UK, across Europe and the globe, and you will get an insight into why we need to tap into something more. 

Consequently, a different approach is neededDo any of these scenarios ring a bell for you? 

Many individuals we work with, and train at Zestfor are at the effect of delayering and with an increased span of control. The result of this scenario is usually fewer managers, who have less time to manage people.   

These are the same managers who are empowered to higher levels of responsibility as ‘ownership’ is passed down the line. Of the expectation is that they will identify what needs to be ‘done’ and take the appropriate action with their teams and departments; all why being time stretched. 

Remember; organisations expect an increase in a leaders performance as well as each team member. Where there are signs of underperformance, the expectation is that plans are in place, and the situation has been appropriately managed.  

On a positive note, exceptional customer service is the norm. However, as individuals, it’s now anticipated that we are technical experts and can build rapport with our clients in a way that makes productive relationships. 

Add into this constant change and the expectation that we are all capable of being a good ‘all-rounder ‘and you can appreciate the need to tap into our intrinsic supply of power. 


Change and Victim Mentality 



It would be easy to view constant change as a victim. In other words, ‘poor me’ everything is so unfair. Unfortunately, these individuals tend to blame while gossiping too.  

Never a good situation for any management team or organisation. In other words, their reaction only fuels their feeling of powerlessness. 

If these individuals could tap into their power what a difference they could make; let me explain. 


Your Personal Power 

Power is positive. It’s the mainstay of making good things happen to benefit all, and the reality is without a source of power very little is going to happen. 

Think about the opposite of power (powerlessness), and you will appreciate the many benefits of tapping into your power. 

Powerlessness is a feeling of, ‘I’m not OK’. It’s a state of being and feeling associated with having no choice or control over events or circumstances. This generally leads to individuals feeling stressed and anxious which also impacts their self-esteem. 

Power and its many manifestations are a fascinating subject. Let’s look at power in the context of an organisation. 

There is both positional power and role power, and I have seen this play out in both an individual and team/department context. Then, of course, there is influential power and power based on information and knowledge. 



In a personal context, power can have additional elements related to physicality, and charisma, sex too though I won’t get into that one today! 

When it comes to personal power, this is based on an individual’s state of mind and their ability to follow through and take action utilising the skills they have available. 

This ‘positive’ mindset aligns with the right skills, attitudes and tools an individual has developed over time. 

It’s well recognised that all these individual attributes feed on one another and an increase in one element results in a corresponding uplift in another. 

As you utilise your personal power, you become anything but powerless and can take control of your own environment; be that in a work or social context. 

Today having personal power gives you a choice in how you lead and influence those around you too. 

In our Millennial dominated workforce positional power is outdated and often ignored; therefore, managers who base their actions on controlling others will soon disappear. 

Getting things done is all about influence, not control. The good news is that we all have a well of personal power; the question is how we tap into it. 

Next time I will share some ideas on how to do precisely that. 


Until next time  



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