Managing Stress

Managing Stress2019-10-17T16:09:55+01:00

Programme Description

Flexibly tailored around your workload and environment, Zestfor’s essential half day Stress Management Workshop will support and develop your teams’ and individuals’ ability to identify, manage and overcome stress to maintain high levels of performance.


By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Be able to identify when you are stressed and take action to ‘de-stress’
  • Be clear that stress is an individual reaction to a stimulus, either external or internal and that you have control to change this
  • Have developed strategies for staying calm and focused and maintaining a high level of performance
  • Experienced using techniques to help to manage your stress
  • Have identified action steps to take as a result of the workshop

Register your interest and we’ll arrange some time to discuss how we can support you to overcome stress maintain high levels of performance.