Programme Description

Working in a virtual world is hard. Making an impact and having a presence when we are the lone voice on the end of a phone can have a significant impact on our ability to be impactful and achieve our goals at work. This programme contains 6 x 2 hour live virtual sessions that will develop participants into impactful virtual communicators who get noticed and get results.


This programme will enable your team to:

  • Quickly engage and connect with your virtual audience
  • Have an immediate and powerful impact even when your audience are scattered around the world
  • Connect at a deeper level with your virtual team and customers
  • Present technical data in a charismatic and engaging way
  • Be more persuasive and influential when communicating virtually

This programme can be shaped to meet your specific requirements and those of your virtual team. Register your interest and we’ll arrange some time to discuss how we can support you and your team to have greater impact and presence when communicating virtually.