3 Questions Virtual Leaders Must Ask Themselves

Recent research shared by Rosalind Torres revealed the shocking fact that over 50% of companies have talent gaps within their leadership teams; with leaders unequipped for their changing role. Not a huge surprise when you consider the current rate of change and the global environments we all operate in.

The competency frameworks we worked with in the past are literally that; the past. Why? They no longer equip us with the knowledge and skills we now need to embrace, as we move forward; if we have the goal of leading our teams and organisations successfully. A scary thought when there appears to be such a focus on development of our leaders. Something is going wrong or maybe our direction is off.

A well known pre supposition states; “if we always do what we have always done the results will be the same”. Time for a change then? What next? Here are some insights shared by Rosalind as she reveals three interesting facts about todays ‘current’ successful leader and his or her area of focus. There are three great questions here to ask yourself that will enable you to benchmark where your own leadership development is focused.

Where are you looking to anticipate change?


Hopefully wider than ever before. Who are you spending time with? What books do you read? Whose advice do you counsel?

We are still very much in a knowledge age and understanding where the next change will come from and how that might impact you and your organisations is vital. So what are you ‘doing’ that will give you a sporting chance of knowing where to focus next?

As the world develops and grows so does our experience as humans. Twenty years ago it would have been unlikely that you would run a team meeting over a telephone line or conducting an interview on Skype.

Now here is an interesting one …

What is the diversity measure of your network?


This could be your team members or other stake holders in your organisation. Ideally, individuals and teams outside of your immediate sphere, which you might collaborate with. Seeing the different way people work and the patterns they live and importantly work by by will expand your level of knowledge and enable you to interact at a different level. Being outside of your comfort zone is a pre requisite to growth, that is a given; though often people forget this truism.

Are you courageous enough to abandon the past?

In the environment where I specialise, working with virtual teams, the answer is generally yes; or at least that has been my own personal experience. Doing something new can be unsettling for teams and yet it is the only way forward. This means letting go of the old ways and doing something different to the way things ‘ normally happen round here’. As a leader there is an expectation that you lead and take your team and organisation into unchartered waters; are you ready?

I hope this had enabled you to reflect? Next steps then? Get a pen and paper and answer these questions for yourself; you just might be surprised what you discover.

Till next time,


Julia Carter

Julia Carter