Why Talented Employees Leave Organisations

I am sure that as a business leader you are fully aware that we are in the grip of a global skills shortage. If in doubt have a quick look at this comprehensive post from the Telegraph.  Whilst scaling and bringing onboard new members to your team is one challenge, stopping the ‘brain drain’ from your organisation is a whole separate issue now [...]

Why Talented Employees Leave Organisations2018-04-01T22:03:19+01:00

Do You Have the Skills of a High Performing Leader?

In today’s challenging business economy. High-performance leadership skills are in demand.  The question is what are the key traits needed in today’s leadership landscape? Here are seven that we see embodied in successful leaders.    Strategic Business Thinking  We live in a disruptive world; driverless cars, Airbnb, Gocardless and the list goes on. In a recent Harvard Business Review post, the [...]

Do You Have the Skills of a High Performing Leader?2018-04-01T22:03:19+01:00