6 Steps To a New Confident You

Though both capability and competence are key ‘must’ haves when it comes to developing your career in today’s workplace the other c…… word; confidence, will be the catalyst to inspiring your team and delivering exceptional results for your organisation. It’s also key skills to accelerating your promotional path. Working with many senior leaders across the [...]

6 Steps To a New Confident You2018-04-01T22:03:27+01:00

The Despair of Being a Perfectionist

Last time in our blog ‘The Joy of Being a Perfectionist’, I talked about some of the many benefits a perfectionist approach can bring your career. But that’s not quite all the story. Perfectionism, when left unchecked, can actually prove to be quite a destructive force in your professional and personal life. The root of [...]

The Despair of Being a Perfectionist2018-04-01T22:03:28+01:00

The Joy of Being a Perfectionist

It’s amazing, isn’t it? That feeling you get when you deliver a piece of work or a presentation that you know is as good as you can possibly make it? The late nights, stress and the obsessing over details now feels completely, utterly worth it. As a perfectionist, your dedication to getting things right really [...]

The Joy of Being a Perfectionist2018-04-01T22:03:28+01:00