The History of Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are certainly not a new concept; nor are they fixed within the 21st century. The need for them and their subsequent use has been practised for millennia: from the Roman Empire to the Catholic Church; the East India Company to the Hudson Bay Company; the Post Office to Wells Fargo; and any army [...]

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6 Things Every Great Virtual Leader Needs To Know

Virtual teams are increasing as the world’s workforce is changing and becoming more connected thanks to the advance of the internet. While there are many advantages to belonging to a virtual team, it raises the question of how modern leaders will step up to the challenge of managing them, so they can ensure that all [...]

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Why Do Technical Experts Go Unnoticed ?

Technical experts in the workplace diligently go about their day to day work, but often don't get the recognition they deserve. Why do technical experts not get noticed? I work with many technical experts, whether they are IT geeks (I have been reliably informed they are happy to be known as geeks!), medical experts or [...]

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Virtual Teams – Are They More Productive?

Staying on the theme of, the virtual team, I found this  article about 'remote workers' on the Gallup blog. This article is well worth a read as it throws up some interesting data about productivity and engagement. Both key measures for most of the leaders and managers I come across. It seems at odds with data [...]

Virtual Teams – Are They More Productive?2018-04-01T22:03:36+01:00