Here are some of our customer testimonials that we are proud to have received:

A big THANK YOU Julia for your work with our team at a crucial part in their change journey.

Your ability to be directive and instructional yet never disempowering (giving people helpful ideas about what they can actually DO to change), brought Insights to life in a way that I’ve not experienced before. You offered us much more than pure facilitation – role modelling ‘emotional engagement’ at its best!

It has, I am sure, helped a critical mass of people to step up, understand their behaviours, style, and take personal ownership of their destiny and impact.

I have high hopes that our agreed programme of workshops – provoking the LT to work differently…. followed by the rest of the department – will have very positive organisation-wide impact.

HR Project Manager, IT functional transformation programme
This programme is amazing, really felt like I knew everyone in my team in a much better way afterwards, made me feel more confident in myself at work and also in my personal life. The profile got me spot on and helped me to recognise areas that I didn’t realise I was well versed in and it also highlighted areas where I can make a change. Overall it is such an inspiring course and really makes you feel like no matter what is your top ‘colour’ you are essential to the function of the workplace.
IT Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company
I just wanted to say thank you for today. Not only for the training and for enabling such a great team conversation, but also for being a mediator and saying things that both my colleague and I needed to hear to move towards a better working relationship. Given all the people you meet every day, I am impressed and appreciate the attention you can give to a single individual and their issues.
Associate Director, Elanco
Thank you Julia for doing a great job in engaging and facilitating the development of our managers. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to connect again in the future.
Senior Manager, HR/Operations, Global Pharmaceutical Company
One of the best training I have ever attended. Well-prepared (prior to the training you are supposed to take part in a test) and on-going throughout your whole life (you receive a small book on yourself and can use not only the information on yourself, but also the knowledge about other personalities/colours). The training helped me to understand the nature of my and other people’s behaviour in the work place and everyday life. I really enjoyed the way the training was conducted – interesting and well organised where participants were also involved! I found the training beneficial and the tips on how to communicate with my team colleagues are also good.
Operations Associate, XL Catlin
Julia has helped me greatly through my journey of life/career coaching. After initial meetings with three different coaches I decided to work with Julia based on her understanding of my situation, empathy, experience, interpersonal style, and positive attitude. My personal journey has been full of surprises for both of us; these have all been approached with objectivity, positive encouragement, and creative ideas. One critical success factor is that Julia has helped me make decisions on my journey without forcing her opinions on me.I have also learned that everyone needs a regular coach to support them throughout their entire career, not just the difficult times – I plan to continue to work with Julia in the future. I would definitely recommend her in this capacity.
Senior IT Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company
I can highly recommend Julia Carter as a Career Coach and should the need arise, be thrilled at the opportunity at working together with her again. I first starting seeing Julia when I had reached a crossroads in my career and I wanted a change, but had no idea what this change was. We began a journey together where Julia facilitated my identification of what was important to me, my values, what I wanted to achieve in my career, my ideal job etc.

In conjunction with me having a very clear understanding of what my ideal job and working environment should look like, I was able to clearly identify what my areas of strength were and where I could utilise these skills. From this I was able to build a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted my next career to look like, as well as the type of organisation.

This greatly assisted in the job hunting process as I could focus and target the areas and careers which matched with what Julia and I had identified. I have now found a great career challenge, still using my skills and experience, but in a slightly different area. Julia was key throughout the process as she supported and facilitated this journey of self-discovery, enabling clarification of what the next steps in my career development should be.

N.T, Business Development Director, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services, Nuffield Health
I have known and collaborated with Julia Carter for a number of years, both in her role as a learning and development consultant, as program developer, and as trainer. It is a delight to work with Julia. She is highly professional, has expert knowledge, has a very customer oriented approach, is quick, flexible, and very impactful.

Just this year she has co-created an innovative, interactive series of web conferences, in which 500+ supervisors have participated, with highly positive feedback. I can recommend Julia as an excellent collaborator in the Learning and Development domain for globally oriented, Fortune 500 companies.

Director, Global Learning and Leadership Development, Global Pharmaceutical Company