September 2017

The 8 Attitudes and Beliefs of Successful Leaders

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When you consider the truly great leaders of our time whether that is in politics, business, not for profit, arts, or public sector they all share similar values and beliefs.  In today’s post, I want to share 8 key attitudes and beliefs of successful leaders.   [...]

Underperformance: 5 Early Warning Signs It’s Happening In Your Team

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Managing underperformance is a part of the management process that not all managers enjoy!  While many grasp the nettle and tackle the issue before it becomes bigger, others avoid it for as long as they can and sometimes until it becomes a [...]

August 2017

7 Strategies To Keep Top Performers Motivated Part 1

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Did you know that a high performer can deliver 400 % more productivity than the average performer? No, me neither, I knew it was significantly higher, and this figure astounds me. It does makes me wonder how much in the day [...]

Does Performance Management Still Have a Place In Today’s Workplace?

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“Performance Management isn’t dead. The old way of thinking about it is.” Anita Bowness   You will no doubt have heard about the discussions on the value and relevance of performance management with many global [...]

How Good Is Your Feedback Capability?

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Last time we shared the all-powerful skill will matrix as a starting point to improve performance across your team.  However, to ensure the skill will matrix is working well for you as a manager you will need to develop several [...]

July 2017

Underperformance: Is It Capability or Attitude at Play?

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I am about to make a statement that might ruffle a few feathers. Do you make ‘judgements’ about your team and their performance? I suspect you do. It’s a common trait amongst many leaders. Understanding your employees and their [...]

3 Factors To Consider When Leading Successful Change In Your Organisation

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“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” This is a quote I am sure most of you will have heard a fair few times. While logically we ‘get it’, [...]

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