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When To Coach And When To Direct

Over recent years there has been a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the value of coaching. Employee surveys report that employees continue to express the desire to be coached and broader organisational research demonstrates that companies with higher levels of employee engagement also have strong coaching cultures. It seems reasonable to conclude that coaching is an essential skill for managers and leaders. When leading training workshops, I [...]

6 Ways To Manage Under Performance

Over recent months we have explored the topic of underperformance from several angles such as, are we really looking at underperformance or an attitude issue?, as well as knowing how to spot the early signs of underperformance. The question is when you know you are dealing with underperformance and not attitude, and you have observed [...]

Why Talented Employees Leave Organisations

I am sure that as a business leader you are fully aware that we are in the grip of a global skills shortage. If in doubt have a quick look at this comprehensive post from the Telegraph.  Whilst scaling and bringing onboard new members to your team is one challenge, stopping the ‘brain drain’ from your organisation is a whole separate issue now [...]

Do You Have the Skills of a High Performing Leader?

In today’s challenging business economy. High-performance leadership skills are in demand.  The question is what are the key traits needed in today’s leadership landscape? Here are seven that we see embodied in successful leaders.    Strategic Business Thinking  We live in a disruptive world; driverless cars, Airbnb, Gocardless and the list goes on. In a recent Harvard Business Review post, the [...]

What Stops Managers Delegating?

In my experience as a leader within blue chip organisations and over the last 10 years as an external learning and development professional, one of the most significant challenges I see managers have is around delegation. However, I am in no doubt that delegation is one of the most powerful tools a manager has in their toolkit. Having worked with many [...]

How To Manage A Demotivated Team Member Part 2

In my previous blog post, I shared some surprising data about employee engagement in the US and UK. It is a well-known fact that an engaged employee is a happy employee. Similarly, a happy employee is a motivated and productive employee.   It’s concerning to know that between 65 and 70% of UK and US employees are disengaged because we are aware this means that many of these [...]

How To Manage A Demotivated Team Member Part 1

It is a well-known fact that an engaged employee is a happy employee. Similarly, a happy employee is a motivated and productive employee.  It is somewhat of a shock then to discover that research in the UK and US reveals that employee engagement is just 25% and 30% respectively.   Even worse the Gallup study groups latest data suggests that only 13% of the global workforce is engaged. Now I [...]

The 8 Attitudes and Beliefs of Successful Leaders

When you consider the truly great leaders of our time whether that is in politics, business, not for profit, arts, or public sector they all share similar values and beliefs.  In today’s post, I want to share 8 key attitudes and beliefs of successful leaders.   First Some Definitions Before I share the values and beliefs to consider, I want to explain what I am referring to and some descriptions. [...]

Underperformance: 5 Early Warning Signs It’s Happening In Your Team

Managing underperformance is a part of the management process that not all managers enjoy!  While many grasp the nettle and tackle the issue before it becomes bigger, others avoid it for as long as they can and sometimes until it becomes a significant and time-consuming problem. There is also a third scenario, and that is when a poor performer goes unnoticed for too long. This [...]

7 Strategies To Keep Top Performers Motivated Part 1

Did you know that a high performer can deliver 400 % more productivity than the average performer? No, me neither, I knew it was significantly higher, and this figure astounds me. It does makes me wonder how much in the day to day busy life of senior leaders and managers focus on managing and keeping top performers motivated?  A few years [...]

Does Performance Management Still Have a Place In Today’s Workplace?

“Performance Management isn’t dead. The old way of thinking about it is.” Anita Bowness   You will no doubt have heard about the discussions on the value and relevance of performance management with many global companies such as Coloron, GE, Accenture, Deloitte and Google announcing that they are moving away from their traditional performance management systems. Now, this is where it [...]

How Good Is Your Feedback Capability?

Last time we shared the all-powerful skill will matrix as a starting point to improve performance across your team.  However, to ensure the skill will matrix is working well for you as a manager you will need to develop several skills including;  your coaching capability  your skill in giving feedback  Both coaching and feedback are huge topics and ones that when mastered lead [...]

Underperformance: Is It Capability or Attitude at Play?

I am about to make a statement that might ruffle a few feathers. Do you make ‘judgements’ about your team and their performance? I suspect you do. It’s a common trait amongst many leaders. Understanding your employees and their style is one technique to help the situation. However, there is a stage before, and that relates to your team members ability and attitude related to their performance. This [...]

3 Factors To Consider When Leading Successful Change In Your Organisation

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” This is a quote I am sure most of you will have heard a fair few times. While logically we ‘get it’, it’s still a fact that many people find change challenging. We like our routines and stability, they make us feel safe, secure and [...]

Leadership Challenges: When Your Top Performers Don’t Want to Be Managers Part 2

In my previous post about leadership challenges, I talked about career development and the reality that not everyone wants a management role. I highlighted some data that Harvard Business Review shared a few years ago from Career Builder on what individuals want when it comes to their career which mirrors exactly my own observations working [...]

Leadership Challenges: When Your Top Performers Don’t Want To Be Managers Part 1

One of the key outputs on many a leader’s job specification is to develop individuals within their team to become the future leaders of their organisation. All well and good, however, the new framework for career success needs an overhaul. Truth: Not everyone wants a management role. Many people have grown up with the belief [...]

Why Having a Personal Brand Is Important—And How to Build One

Personal branding is the buzz word in leadership circles now. Not everyone realises that they already have a personal brand at work. Your colleagues, managers, and senior leaders already have a perception of you. They’ve made judgements about you based on a wide variety of criteria, from how your dress and communicate, to how you [...]

What Leaders Must STOP Doing in Order to Succeed

Leadership behaviours ? Something we all strive to develop. As a leader, you’re probably always trying to build your skills. That’s admirable, but it’s also missing a fundamental rule of transformative leadership. That is, leadership growth is often more about stopping doing certain things than it is about doing new things. Our leadership habits are [...]

Are You Surviving or Thriving as A New Leader?

The learning curve when entering a leadership role tends to be steep and scary, but there are plenty of ways you can make the transition easier on yourself—and on your team. If you come in with the right mindset and concentrate on these key leadership skills, you will not only survive as leader, but succeed [...]

10 Effective Team Communication Strategies

Team communication strategies are vital to developing a productive team. It’s that simple (and that powerful), yet a huge number of teams in workplaces all around this globe still find themselves operating in a confused and inefficient manner due to poor communication habits. Clear communication is the core principle of smooth-running teams, and this guiding [...]