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Why Having a Personal Brand Is Important—And How to Build One

Personal branding is the buzz word in leadership circles now. Not everyone realises that they already have a personal brand at work. Your colleagues, managers, and senior leaders already have a perception of you. They’ve made judgements about you based on a wide variety of criteria, from how your dress and communicate, to how you [...]

What Leaders Must STOP Doing in Order to Succeed

Leadership behaviours ? Something we all strive to develop. As a leader, you’re probably always trying to build your skills. That’s admirable, but it’s also missing a fundamental rule of transformative leadership. That is, leadership growth is often more about stopping doing certain things than it is about doing new things. Our leadership habits are [...]

Are You Surviving or Thriving as A New Leader?

The learning curve when entering a leadership role tends to be steep and scary, but there are plenty of ways you can make the transition easier on yourself—and on your team. If you come in with the right mindset and concentrate on these key leadership skills, you will not only survive as leader, but succeed [...]

10 Effective Team Communication Strategies

Team communication strategies are vital to developing a productive team. It’s that simple (and that powerful), yet a huge number of teams in workplaces all around this globe still find themselves operating in a confused and inefficient manner due to poor communication habits. Clear communication is the core principle of smooth-running teams, and this guiding [...]

How To Manage Difficult Employees: 7 Straightforward Ways That Work

How to manage difficult employees is a ‘must have’  skill for all managers. A single difficult employee can disrupt your team, create a toxic atmosphere in the workplace, and make you want to tear your hair out in frustration.  One person is all that it takes to derail your goals as a manager, so it’s [...]

3 Traits of Successful Leaders

According to the CIM and other respected experts the data related to managers and leaders in the UK is rather dismal. The truth is there is a similar pattern present across the globe. Did you know that four out of five British bosses are 'accidental managers' who have never been trained? This is potentially costing [...]

How To Become The Heart Centred Leader You Want To Be?

Heart centred leadership? With valentine’s day upon us it seems appropriate to talk about one of my favourite leadership traits. The world is in an uncomfortable place. The United States have elected a new president with a unique perspective on many things; while here the UK MPs have voted against guaranteeing EU citizens’ rights ahead [...]

Is It Time To Develop A Growth Mindset?

Interested in developing a growth mindset this year? As 2017 eases in there is one certain way to make it your best year yet and that is to develop your mindset. In different ways, we have been exploring this in our various posts and this time of year is the ideal time to set the [...]

Why It’s Time To Develop Your Self-Belief

As a manager, your team looks to you for strength, leadership, and guidance. If you, like many people, lack self-belief, it will be difficult to provide leadership that is authentic and believable, and even more importantly: Inspirational. If you’re constantly worried about whether you’re truly cut out for the role, that’s a lot of time [...]

New Year Resolutions for High Performing Leaders

New year and new start? Here is something that summarises the essence of our leadership programmes. It is a mindset shift that works. Enjoy!

The 6 Must-Have Skills of Today’s Modern Leader

There’s a shift at play in the world of work. Employees are no longer content to work a lifetime in the same job, tacitly accepting poor leadership from their managers in exchange for a monthly salary. Today, as companies battle to keep employees engaged and people shift jobs regularly when their needs are not met, [...]

Are You (Being) A Great Manager?

There’s been talk in leadership circles for some time about conquering the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’, but there’s a third vital component related to what it takes to be a truly great manager, which is often forgotten and that is the subject of being. Let’s explore this more by reviewing the knowing, doing and [...]

Listening: The Undervalued Skill of the Modern Leader

Most of us have grown up with the skewed perception that a leader should be the one with all the ideas, and who does most of the talking. However, what’s been dangerously missed in this traditional leadership model is that a leader will not get far without mastering the art of listening to those around [...]

The Surprising First Step To Tackle Overwhelm At Work

Overwhelm at work, not surprisingly is on the increase. Sad to say very little has changed since Deloittes global research insights paper published two years ago. Our obsession with being connected constantly with ‘all and sundry’ isn’t good for us. The Deloitte study revealed that it’s common for people to check their mobile phone upwards [...]

How Successful Leaders Expand Their Comfort Zone

Our minds go to a lot of trouble to keep us safely shored up in our comfort zones. Within these ‘safe zones’ we carry out our normal routine, content in the knowledge that we have the skills and learned behaviours required to manage the situations we regularly face— whether at work, at home, or with [...]

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Foot Is Firmly On The Promotion Ladder

While the common word on the street is that employees no longer stay in one organisation for long, especially Gen Y/Millenials , the data according to a LinkedIn talent survey is quite different. Making an assumption that your next promotion is ‘in the bag’ might now be a tad premature. Consider this: A linkedIn poll [...]

Is Your Lack of Confidence Stalling Your Career?

Some of us misunderstand confidence. We often think it’s the loud, attention-seeking colleague— that domineering person in the office who always has something to say. We forget that self-confidence is actually a quiet, internal thing:  it’s the faith you have in yourself and your abilities. It doesn’t need a megaphone to alert the world it [...]

Why September is The ‘New’ New Year

With so many of us returning to work after our summer holidays refreshed and full of energy, it’s a good idea to use this momentum to refocus and accelerate into action to finish the year strong. And September is a fantastic time to create an action plan for the final third of the year. The [...]

The 10 Traits Of Exceptional Influencers

Being technically good at your job is extremely important, but isn’t enough in today’s business world.   Strong people skills are also essential- meaning that you need to know how to influence and impact people in a powerful and positive fashion. Influencing (despite what some people think) isn’t about manipulating or controlling others, it’s about getting [...]

How To Cultivate Calm In Your Challenging Days

We can’t seem to make our minds up about stress.  On the one hand, too much long-term stress has been proven to actually make our brains deteriorate, while on the other hand, moderate and temporary stress levels actually force our brains to create new cells. So is stress a villain or a saviour?  The crucial [...]